Creating a Scandinavian-Inspired Bathroom: Remodeling in Los Angeles

Remodeling in Los Angeles: Creating a Bathroom with Scandinavian Influence
Are you interested in giving your Los Angeles bathroom a contemporary, Scandinavian makeover? You can design an open, minimalist bathroom that will have all your friends and family asking how you did it, whether you’re looking for a full makeover or just a few straightforward adjustments. Here are some ideas for creating a Scandinavian-inspired retreat in your bathroom.

Start with the fundamentals.
Less is more is the guiding tenet of Scandinavian design. Continue using simple, clean lines and neutral hues like white, grey, and beige. Natural components like wood, stone, and glass will give your bathroom a natural, organic feel when it comes to materials. Reduce clutter as much as possible and choose furniture that has several uses.

Increase the Light
Light and airy rooms are a must for bathrooms with a Scandinavian flair. Consider taking down any window coverings and adding a skylight to increase natural light. Find techniques to maximize the light that is already there if that isn’t an option. To maximize the space, try adding wall sconces or a striking light fixture.

Include greenery
Your bathroom can be given life and given a natural, peaceful ambience by adding a few plants. Select plants like ferns, spider plants, and orchids that can survive in damp environments. In the corners, add a few potted plants, or hang a macramé plant hook from the ceiling.

Select the Proper Accessory
Small details can significantly alter the outcome of a bathroom renovation. Invest in long-lasting, high-quality accents like a sleek vanity and a showerhead that feels like a spa. Opt for clean, contemporary styles rather than anything overly elaborate. Choose a basket or a wall-mounted ladder for towel storage. To add a modern touch, you can also hang one or two pendant lights.

Establish a focal point
Lastly, it’s critical to establish a focal point in the space. Draw attention and finish the style with a striking mirror or an original work of art. Several towels in vivid colors or a warm-toned rug can also offer a splash of color.

Making a bathroom in Los Angeles in the Scandinavian style doesn’t

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