Contemporary Chic Bathroom Remodeling Ideas in Silver Lake CA

Whether you reside in Silver Lake, California, or are just visiting, you want your bathroom to look stylish and modern. Thankfully, there are many renovation options available to help you attain the desired aesthetic. Here are some of the best contemporary chic bathroom remodeling ideas for Silver Lake residents, from contemporary fixtures to inventive storage solutions.

Spend money on opulent fixtures

Fixtures are one of the most crucial components in bathroom remodeling. The key to achieving a contemporary elegant look is to spend money on statement-making, opulent fixtures. Choose a contemporary vanity with a sleek finish and a luxurious deep soaking tub. Additionally, these fixtures will give the impression that your bathroom is bigger than it truly is.

Make it Feel Like a Spa

Spa-like features are crucial when designing a contemporary elegant bathroom. For a soothing showering experience, spend money on a body sprayer and a beautiful showerhead. Pick a tiled shower enclosure with a seat built in and shelves installed on the wall for toiletries. If your bathroom is big enough, you could even want to add a steam shower for a more luxurious spa experience.

Put Lighting First

Any bathroom renovation must include lighting. Choose fixtures that let in natural light as well as dimmable recessed lighting to create a more tranquil environment. To achieve a modern aesthetic, try to stay with a neutral color scheme and pendant lighting. For a more opulent vibe, you could also want to install a striking light fixture.

Use innovative storage solutions

Considering storage options is crucial when upgrading your bathroom. Thankfully, there are many inventive methods to organize your towels and toiletries. Think about including wall-mounted shelves for accessibility and floating shelves for a modern appearance. For even more storage, you could also put in a vanity with lots of drawers and cabinets.

Add a Little Color

Finally, a dash of color is required for every modern-chic bathroom remodel. Try using a striking wall treatment to give a dash of color, like a backsplash made of colorful tiles or an accent wall covered in wallpaper. You may also use accessories to provide color, such a rug with a playful pattern or a shower curtain in a vibrant color.


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