Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for Aging in Place in Marina Del Rey CA

In Marina Del Rey, California, bathroom remodeling is a crucial aspect of aging in place. It’s crucial to make sure that our houses are set up to accommodate the changes that our bodies and needs undergo as we age. Whether you want to improve the safety and comfort of your bathroom for you or a loved one, remodeling it can have a significant impact. Here are a few bathroom remodeling suggestions for Marina Del Rey, California seniors living in their homes.

Making sure your restroom is accessible and safe is the first step in upgrading it for aging in place. Grab bars placed close to the shower, tub, and toilet can assist prevent falls and other mishaps. To make bathing easier, think about installing a shower bench in addition to having non-slip flooring. Installing a walk-in tub with a door is an option if the bathroom is too small for a regular roll-in shower.

There are numerous options available when it comes to convenience and aesthetics. Consider installing a pedestal sink in your bathroom that is at a comfortable height if you want to make it simpler to use. Installing a hands-free faucet can also significantly simplify duties like doing the dishes. You can even add a bidet to make cleaning up after using the restroom more convenient if that’s what you’re after.

When redesigning your bathroom to accommodate aging in place, lighting should also be taken into consideration. The bathroom can become more spacious and brighter with the help of natural light. To improve visibility, you can also put up brighter lighting fixtures. When you enter the bathroom, motion-activated lights instantly switch on, making them a great choice.

Finally, give storage options in your bathroom some thought. By doing this, you can keep your bathroom organized and find what you need more quickly. For your linens and toiletries, install a couple floating shelves and baskets. You might also include a vanity with lots of drawers and a mirror if you have the room.

These are just a few bathroom remodeling suggestions for Marina Del Rey, California seniors who want to age in place. Your bathroom may be made more commodious and easily accessible, and you can make sure that it will continue to serve your needs for many years to come.

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