Art Deco-Inspired Bathroom Remodeling in Los Angeles

Remodeling in the Art Deco style can be exactly what you’re searching for if you want to give your bathroom a distinctive and classic appeal. In Los Angeles, homeowners continue to favor this timeless style, which has been present since the 1920s. Art Deco can offer the ideal mix whether you want to give your bathroom a retro feel or aim to create a more modern aesthetic.

There are various essential components that will complete the aesthetic when redesigning a bathroom in the Art Deco style. The flooring and walls should be the décor’s primary focal points to start. Choose geometric designs or traditional black and white tiles for the Art Deco appearance. Accent pieces with a splash of color can also help tie the design together. Use a mix of glass tile and natural stone for a more contemporary take on the style.

Along with the ceiling and floors, the furniture and fixtures must also be decorated in an Art Deco manner. Pick furniture with elaborate metal detailing, such as a pedestal sink, clawfoot bathtub, or vanity. These items will give the space a classic elegance. Consider adding metal accessories like handles, knobs, or a showerhead for a more contemporary appearance.

Another crucial component of redesigning with an Art Deco flair is lighting. Choose fixtures with clean lines and geometric simplicity for the classic appearance. Geometric chandeliers and wall sconces can give any bathroom a sense of class. Consider installing LED lighting with adjustable dimmers to give the space a more contemporary appearance.

The final touches to any renovation in the Art Deco style are accessories. Mirrors, works of art, and statement pieces can all enhance the interior decor. Use old items like a vanity tray or a metal wastebasket for a timeless appearance. Consider adding metallic accents, such as a geometric mirror frame or a metal wall shelf, for a more contemporary look.

Art Deco-inspired remodeling in Los Angeles can strike the ideal mix between giving your bathroom a classic or modern appearance. You may create a classic appearance that will make all of your guests envious by choosing the ideal combination of walls, floors, furniture, fixtures, lighting, and accessories.

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