Essential Considerations for Aging in Place Bathroom Remodeling in Santa Monica

As they get older, people frequently choose to remain in their current residence rather than transfer to a retirement community or assisted living facility. This practice of “aging in place” is gaining popularity in Santa Monica. Remodeling the bathroom is one of the best methods to make your home secure and welcoming for an elderly person.

There are several crucial factors to take into account when upgrading an aging in place bathroom in Santa Monica.

The bathroom must first be made accessible and secure for the older person. As part of this, grab bars, non-slip matting, a walk-in bathtub, and accessible countertops and cabinets must all be installed. Additionally, you might want to think about putting a shower seat and enlarging the entrances.

Second, think about the bathroom’s design. Your top priorities should be safety and accessibility, but the restroom should also be welcoming and comfortable. Make sure the area has enough of natural light, and pick peaceful and soothing colors and finishes.

Consider energy efficiency third. In Santa Monica, older homes are sometimes drafty and uncomfortable. Consider installing double-paned windows, energy-efficient lighting, and an on-demand water heater to improve comfort and reduce energy expenses.

Fourth, consider storage. Bathrooms for older adults must be built to hold a range of medical equipment and supplies. Make sure there is ample, easily accessible storage in the bathroom for these things.

And finally, think about the future. You might need to replace the bathroom again when your senior loved one’s needs evolve. Make sure that the fixtures and finishes you select may be easily upgraded or replaced.

Bathroom remodeling for older people in Santa Monica can be difficult, but the work is worthwhile. You can ensure that your loved one’s bathroom is secure, cozy, and usable for years to come by taking these crucial factors into account.

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