Enhancing Accessibility in Your Santa Monica Bathroom Remodeling Project

Making Your Santa Monica Bathroom Remodeling Project More Accessible

There are a number of accessibility-related concerns to make while remodeling a bathroom in Santa Monica. There are several methods to improve the accessibility of your bathroom, from wheelchair access to non-slip surfaces. Here are some suggestions for improving accessibility in your bathroom makeover in Santa Monica.

Think about the space you have first. Make sure the space is big enough for a wheelchair to go about before starting any bathroom remodeling. Take measurements of the area and plan an accessible layout.

Next, consider the flooring. Any bathroom must have non-slip flooring, but an accessible bathroom need it much more. Natural stone or tile are excellent choices because they are simple to keep clean and maintain.

3. Pay attention to the shower. If you’re installing a shower as part of your bathroom renovation, be sure to include a low-sloped threshold and a non-slip floor. Think about installing a hand-held showerhead so people in wheelchairs can shower more easily.

4. Pay attention to the bathroom. Make sure there is enough room for a wheelchair to fit between the toilet and the wall. For simpler access, think about a wall-mounted toilet or a raised toilet seat.

Lastly, think about your lighting. The restroom needs to be well-lit and accessible. To make the sink and shower easier to use, provide task lighting nearby. For improved accessibility, take into account motion-detecting lighting as well.

You may make your Santa Monica bathroom renovation more accessible by following these suggestions. You can design a bathroom that is both practical and accessible by paying attention to the layout, flooring, shower, toilet, and lighting. Everyone who visits will have a pleasant experience in your newly renovated bathroom with a little advance preparation and attention to detail.

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