Designing a Mediterranean Inspired Bathroom Pasadena Edition

Pasadena Edition: Designing a Mediterranean-Inspired Bathroom

Do you want to update the design and feel of your bathroom? What better location to get inspiration than the lovely city of Pasadena? Mediterranean-inspired bathrooms are currently all the rage. The architecture and decor of the many Mediterranean-style homes in Pasadena can be effortlessly adapted into your own bathroom. Your bathroom may become a chic and tranquil retreat with the appropriate finishing touches.

It’s crucial to start simple when creating a bathroom with a Mediterranean flair. Start by choosing natural materials for the walls, floors, and other surfaces, such as stone, wood, and terra cotta. These elements will produce a cozy, welcoming ambiance and be in keeping with the Mediterranean style. Choose earthy hues like rich blues, greens, and burnt oranges when choosing colors. These hues will produce a relaxing and tranquil ambiance that is ideal for a bathroom.

You should select fittings that are both straightforward and attractive. Choose metal embellishments like bronze or brass to give the bathroom a more upscale appearance. Make sure to choose Mediterranean-inspired fixtures, including sconces with crescent moons or curved handles. Additionally, you can choose to include a few distinctive items, such a pedestal sink or a standalone tub.

It’s crucial to keep the Mediterranean concept in mind when choosing accessories. Look for handmade products that are presented in original ways. Consider adding a couple clay planters with colorful flowers, for instance. Another fantastic option to give your bathroom a Mediterranean flavor is with a lovely mosaic mirror. Finally, a few well chosen works of art, such as a picture of a Mediterranean landscape or a vibrant tapestry, will tie the entire ensemble together.

You can quickly turn your bathroom into a tranquil haven with the correct design accents. You can design a stunning place that is ideal for rest and renewal by using natural materials, warm hues, and elegant fixtures. Take advantage of all the beautiful Mediterranean architecture Pasadena has to offer; it’s the perfect place to find inspiration.

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