Creating a Coastal Inspired Bathroom Santa Monica Remodeling Tips

To add a touch of the seaside to your home, consider designing a coastal bathroom in Santa Monica. If you’re new to the neighborhood or simply want to update your bathroom, Santa Monica remodeling advice can help you design a stunning, ocean-inspired decor.

Decide on a color scheme for the coast first. You may create a calm and welcoming ambiance in your home by combining blues and greens. To portray the spirit of the beach, you may also use vibrant, sunny hues like yellows and oranges. To add a splash of color, pick a few accent colors. Use a vivid coral for your vanity, for instance, or teal for the tiles in your shower.

Consider using natural elements that have a sea-like appearance when choosing your materials. Choose a countertop made of seashells or a backsplash made of glass tiles with a wave design. Look for hardware and fixtures with patterns modeled like sea urchins or starfish. You may even use driftwood as a vanity or wall covering if you want to make an even bigger impact.

You can start considering the accessories after choosing your materials. Look for décor elements that make you think of the beach, such as wall art, candles, and plants. To achieve a distinctive and intriguing appearance, utilize seashells, starfish, and other materials with an oceanic theme. To assist create a seaside atmosphere, you can also utilize mirrors and nautical embellishments like anchors and lighthouses.

The proper lighting fixtures may make a world of difference. Look for lighting fixtures that reflect the sun and the ocean, like wave-patterned sconces or pendant lights. A wall-mounted light fixture shaped like a lighthouse is another way to add a focal point.

To cap off the look, add a few finishing touches. A huge mirror in a frame or artwork with a beach theme should be hung. Choose window coverings with an ocean-inspired pattern or a light and breezy shower curtain. A few plants can also be added to the space to give it a spa-like feel.

Here are a few ideas to get you started if you want to design a Santa Monica bathroom with a seaside theme. You can design a stunning, ocean-inspired space that you’ll adore for years to come with the proper materials, colors, and accents.

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