Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for Aging in Place in Santa Clarita

People may discover as they age that their homes no longer suit their needs. The ability to age in place is greatly aided by having a secure and comfortable bathroom. Bathroom renovations can increase accessibility and comfort while enabling elders to stay independent in their own homes. Here are some bathroom remodeling suggestions for Santa Clarita seniors living in their homes.

Installing a walk-in tub is a good place to start. Seniors can bathe more easily and safely with walk-in baths. They have grab bars that are simple to reach, non-slip surfaces, and a door that opens and closes to make entering and leaving them simple. Additionally, a walk-in tub can offer therapeutic advantages including a soothing massage element.

Install grab bars in the shower or bathtub and around the toilet. When moving around the bathroom, grab bars offer additional support and stability, which can lower the danger of slipping and falling.

Third, install a comfort height toilet to replace your current one. Seniors could find it simpler to sit down and stand up thanks to comfort height toilets, which are higher than standard toilets. Additionally, they have a larger aperture that makes bowel motions easier.

Fourth, think about putting in a shower chair or seat. Shower benches give you somewhere to sit while you take a shower and can lower your risk of slipping and falling. Seniors with restricted mobility benefit greatly from shower chairs, which can also be used for bathing.

Install a handheld showerhead last. The water pressure and temperature may be more easily controlled with handheld showerheads. They also make it simpler for seniors to access places that could be challenging with a conventional showerhead.

These are just a few of the numerous bathroom remodeling concepts for Santa Clarita seniors who want to age in place. You may make your home safer and cozier for elders by making restroom improvements. Get in touch with a local contractor if you need assistance upgrading your bathroom. They can offer you the materials and know-how you require to get the most out of your bathroom renovation endeavor.

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