How To Start Your ADU Project

How To Start Your ADU Project

Do you intend to construct an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) on your land? This is a fantastic method to increase your living space while also generating some rental revenue. So where do you even begin? We’ve got you covered, so don’t worry! This article will walk you through the process of beginning your ADU project, including advice on upgrading your garage and converting it into a unit or guest house.


Step 1: Review Local Laws

Make sure you are in compliance with local laws before starting your ADU project. You should check your local zoning regulations and construction regulations to make sure you may construct an ADU on your property. It’s crucial to verify with your local building department because certain towns and states have special laws for ADUs. They can provide you with information on permits, setbacks, height limitations, and other specifications you need to take into account.


Arrange your space in Step 2

Once you are aware that you can construct an ADU, it is time to begin the planning process. Consider your needs and the space you have available for an ADU. Do you wish to build a new structure on your land or turn your garage into a living space? Do you intend to rent out the ADU or utilize it as a guest house for guests? Planning the layout and design of your ADU will be easier if you are aware of the goals you have for it.


Establish a budget in Step 3

Budgeting is essential before beginning an ADU project because they can be costly. Consider the supplies you’ll require, any contractors you’ll need to engage, and any other costs you could have. Instead of constructing a new building if you have a limited budget, think about modifying or converting your garage. You can do this to save money while still getting the extra room you require.


Employ a contractor in Step 4

It’s a good idea to employ a professional to assist you with your ADU project unless you are an excellent DIYer. They’ll have the expertise and understanding to guarantee that your project is completed correctly and in accordance with codes. Choose a contractor with knowledge of remodeling or converting garages, as not all contractors have this specialized skill set.


Designing Your Place, Step 5

It’s time to start planning your ADU after you’ve selected a contractor. Create a design that satisfies your demands and is within your budget by working with your contractor. Consider the layout, the size, and any unique amenities you desire, such a kitchen or bathroom. Your contractor can assist you in developing a plan that meets your requirements.


Construct Your ADU in Step Six

It’s time to begin construction on your ADU now that your design is finalized. Although your contractor will handle the construction process, it’s crucial to monitor the development and ensure that everything is proceeding as expected. You can either move in after construction is finished or start renting out your new space.



It can be a terrific option to add some extra room and perhaps generate some rental income to construct an ADU to your house. Following these steps will give you the confidence you need to begin your ADU project, whether you decide to modify your garage, build a new structure, or convert your garage into a unit. Consider hiring a contractor, planning your space, developing a budget, researching local rules, designing your space, and constructing your ADU. Your ADU project can be successful with a little bit of preparation and the appropriate builder.

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